1. I live in London, do you ship to the UK? Yes! We have international shipping available for $12.00 for any order under $100.00, and FREE for orders over $100.00.
  2. Why must I pay these fees when you ship to my country, I've already paid for shipping and handling? Customs Duty is a tax charged on importation of goods produced outside of your country over a certain value.  Each country has it's own set of Customs Duty fees.  The buyer is responsible for these charges, as it is unrelated to the fees collected through the order for shipping.  Should you have any questions about the fees you should be expected to pay, contact your local Customs Duty office for more information, as we do not have this available. 

  3. How long should I expect for my order to take since its international?  International orders typically take between 5-15 business days (meaning weekends do not count as business days).  This does not include any hold that the final destination customs office can place on your package.  Not all packages get placed on hold, however it is out of our control if they do get selected to be inspected.  We are not responsible for any delays caused by your local customs office. 

  4. I placed my order two days ago and paid for two day shipping, why isn't my order here yet?  Please remember that products must be processed and packed once the order is submitted which can take up to 3 business days (most are shipped within 1-2 business days).  

  5. Do you wholesale your items?  If you have a retail or online business and are looking to carry our brand, we do have wholesale options for you! Contact us via email at laylatonline@gmail.com.

  6. What are your products made of?  The products listed under our basic collections (Rings, Knuckle Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces) are made of mixed metal and plated to get the final finish.  When these products are well taken care of, they will hold their finish.  If these products are exposed to liquids, it could strip the final plating off the piece.  We highly recommend not sleeping or showering with these items.  

  7. Do you have any products made of Sterling Silver?  Yes! Our 'Handmade' & 'Premier .925' Collections are made of .925 Sterling Silver and finished with gold plating.

  8. How do I know what size ring i wear? We use a general jewelers sizing tool to size all our products.  Our most popular ring size is 6, however that just just the standard.  We recommend stopping by a jewelry store to get sized if you are unsure what size you should purchase.                                                                

  9. Do you have a store in the US or Europe? At this time, we do not have any retail outlets.